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    Ampli tích hợp Audio Analogue CRESCENDO


    Audio Analogue Crescendo AMP by AIRTECH has on output power of 50W on a 8Ohm impedance and 80W on a 4Ohm impedance with a THD+N of less then 0.05%.  The SNR is more than 100dB and the band-width more than 150KHz. Crescendo AMP by AIRTECH is a High End product in all its parts. The cooperation with AIRTECH has helped to make a unique a products that was already very good: the changes and technologies used in some key points of the circuit are mainly related to the wiring, cables used are 7N OCC in pure copper, the same used for the production of AIRTECH cables, adding Wima capacitors for better filtering and decoupling of the states. These changes effectively allow a significant improvement of sound performance on all parameters and mainly in micro detail and the three-dimensionality of the sound stage. The sound is more open, listening is more pleasant, never tiring thanks to better “musicality”.

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    Ampli tích hợp Audio Analogue FORTISSIMO


    Audio Analogue FORTISSIMO Amp further develops our concept about what an integrated amplifier is. In fact, we believe that the integrated amplifier has to be the interface between the loudspeakers and many different audio systems always guarantying the best audio performances.

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    Ampli tích hợp Audio Analogue MAESTRO Anniversary

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    Maestro Anniversary was born in AIRTECH’s laboratories following to the experience gained with the development of Puccini Anniversary. The basic scheme is very similar, but with one important difference: the amplification chain is fully balanced from the input to the power stage which becomes unbalanced to connect to the speakers. This took to a doubling of amplifier stages and attenuation. Also in the Maestro Anniversary all stages are without global feedback. The feedback is not even used on preamp stage(as in Puccini). The output power was increased to 150W on 8Ω with the consequent adjustment of all the driver and power stages that now use four pairs of transistors per channel.

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    Ampli tích hợp AudioBlock V-100


    The V-100 with its huge toroid transformer offers access to the world of Audiophile Sounds at a price performance ratio unmatched in this class of equipment.

    Its perfect internal assembly, 5 line terminals for audio sources and record player jack with a MM-System offer the listener a wide range of audio sources from which to choose from.

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    Ampli tích hợp AudioBlock V-220


    Ampli tích hợp AudioBlock V-220 sử dụng biến áp nguồn xuyến (toroid transformer) với công suất 40 watt / kênh đảm bảo khả năng mang đến âm thanh chi tiết với độ động tốt cho những không gian có kích thước nhỏ như phòng ngủ!

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    Ampli tích hợp Cary Audio SI-300.2d


    The NEW SI-300.2d integrated amplifier is yet another milestone as Cary Audio forges deeper into the new era of sought after premium audio systems. Cary Audio is highly regarded for the rich, warm, yet detailed sound of our components. This includes both analog components and digital components, as we have become a reference standard in both. Combining Cary Audio’s analog preamplifier and power amplifier sound with our spectacular digital section is a natural evolution, and one that is stunning.

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    Ampli tích hợp Primare I25 DAC


    Liên tục cải tiến và hoàn thiện sản phẩm; mẫu ampli tích hợp I25 DAC được Primare trang bị mạch công suất UFPD thế hệ thứ 2, dựa trên nguyên mẫu UFPD vốn đã giành được rất nhiều giải thưởng của hãng âm thanh Thụy Điển.

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