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    Loa Vienna Beethoven Baby Grand SE Cherry/Piano Black

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    Since Vienna Acoustics’ birth in 1989, we have consistently maintained that the first priority of all of our designs rests in driver development.
    Founded in this belief, Beethoven Baby Grand Symphony Edition was the first model to take advantage of this carefully designed, ground up neodymium magnet structure tweeter, carefully manufactured by the highend specialists of ScanSpeak.
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    Loa Vienna Beethoven Concert Grand SE Cherry/Piano black

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    Scale, power and grandeur are all conferred by its name. As with all models in the Concert Grand™ range, the composer name is selected based on the scale, complexity and power of performance for which they are best known.
    The term Concert Grand, like the piano of the same designation, refers to its ability to deliver this level of performance in large concert halls and music rooms. The new 3-way Concert Grand Symphony Edition delivers far more than just power and scale. The careful listener will delight in the lucidity and clarity of the all-important middle ranges where virtually all instruments find their tonic origins.
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    Loa Vienna Haydn Grand SE Piano White/Rose Wood

    Haydn’s music is known for its lyricism, from which vibrant tonal colors and brilliant harmonic structures are drawn out of deceptively simple arrangements.
    Similarly, the Haydn Grand Symphony Edition’s deceptively simple driver complement of our patented 6” X3P Spidercone mid-bass driver and refined 1” triple stackedsilk-dome tweeter centers around the groundbreaking airflow control wedge bass reflex port that serves to virtually eliminate port noise, allows for increased placement flexibility, and provides an extraordinarily compact driver configuration by positioning the tweeter on the front of the wedge.
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    Âm nhạc của Haydn được biết đến với tính trữ tình, màu sắc âm thanh sống động và cấu trúc hài hòa rực rỡ được tạo ra từ Haydn Grand Symphony Edition.
  • 1,500 

    Loa Vienna Maestro Grand


    At the heart of theater is the human voice. Our ears are most attuned to catch every subtle nuance of this expressive instrument.


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    Loa Vienna Mozart Grand SE Cherry/Piano black

    It is nearly impossible to fully express the impact Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has had on the identity of our home, Vienna. This importance is the same with us at Vienna Acoustics and the model loudspeaker, now in its third generation, which we have chosen to name for this most famous musical innovator.
    Taking into full account the importance Mozart represents, we have recreated the Mozart Grand with refinements effecting virtually all critical components. One area we will not change is how and where we build each piece. For more than twenty years each loudspeaker we create is hand crafted in Vienna, Austria with only the finest components and expertly crafted, custom cabinetry.
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    Loa Vienna Principal Grand


    All at once, the possibilities of music, space and naturalness find its way into our last but not least member of our Concert Grand Series – Principal Grand

  • 1,000 

    Loa Vienna Theatro Grand


    The center channel Theatro Grand was designed to reproduce voice perfectly, featuring two mid-woofers with lightweight, transparent XPP cones emphasizing speed and delicacy, allowing nuance and intimacy to develop.

  • 2,150 

    Loa Vienna Waltz Grand


    The Viennese Waltz has been a runaway hit for over two hundred years and is still heard in every corner of Vienna. So too, the Waltz Grand is an extraordinarily popular speaker and can be used virtually anywhere in any sound room.