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    Loa Elac BS 243.3

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    Don‘t be fooled by its size as the BS 243.3 is an incredibly accomplished performer. Whether in a free-standing position on dedicated supports or on a shelf close to a wall – the BS 243.3 is a superb all-rounder.


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    Loa Elac BS 244.3

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    These larger compact models are the perfect choice when it comes to delivering „even better“ sound in small spaces. Dynamics, bass extension, and precision: the BS 244.3 does it all thanks to its powerful 180 mm woofer.

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    Loa Elac CC 241.3


    The center speaker is undoubtedly its most important voice. So it‘s no surprise that a great deal of attention went into the development of the CC 241.3. The resulting sound perfectly complements every loudspeaker in the Line 240.3.


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    Loa Elac FS 247.3


    Although it appears discreet, slender, and unobtrusive, its acoustic properties are anything but. With an astonishingly refined yet detailed sound, this is a loudspeaker that you‘ll never tire of listening to.


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    Loa Elac FS 249.3

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    FS 249.3 is technically sophisticated but nevertheless very straightforward. By exercising masterful control over every frequency band, it offers deep and accurate bass, an authentic midrange, and superb high-frequency resolution.