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    Đầu phát Network Player Primare NP30

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    The NP30 Network Player adapts any high quality music system for audiophile streaming, internet radio and gapless audio playback, through integration with UPnP devices such as PC/Mac/NAS iPod®, iPad®, iPhone® or USB thumb drive. It’s a genuine 24/192 DAC including 3x optical, 1x SP/DIF, USB-A, USB-B, WLAN, LAN inputs (incorporating an asynchronous master clock for low jitter), and XLR, RCA, Digital (192 kHz), IRout, TRIGout outputs. A high quality aptX Bluetooth upgrade is available for the NP30 (see NP30 Design Brief in Downloads or view the product in the ‘Streamers’ section).

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    Giải mã Arcam airDAC (Airplay & UPnP DAC)


    The Arcam rSeries products are all about getting the best sound from any digital device. These products can be used with any audio system and are a brilliant way to bringing 21st century tech into your home.

    The airDAC benefits from Arcam’s more than twenty years of digital audio expertise and use the finest quality parts in a layout that is optimised for low noise and distortion. A dejittering design that Arcam have used in many of the reference class FMJ products is applied to all inputs. The four-layer PCB allows our designers to maximise the quality of the ground plane in order to further reduce interference between components. The use of multiple low noise separately regulated power supplies ensures that we get the cleanest signal to the audiophile quality output stage.

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    Giải mã Arcam FMJ D33 (Wired DAC)


    Với thị trường đầy đủ các thiết bị âm thanh và các nguồn kỹ thuật số thế hệ mới, ARCAM tự hào giới thiệu DAC mới nhất và hoạt động hiệu quả nhất từ trước đến nay, D33 SuperDAC.

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    Giải mã Arcam irDAC (USB DAC)


    The irDAC, so called because it features infra-red remote control, owes much to the development programme behind the reference D33 DAC. The irDAC comes packed with cutting edge technology that brings high-end performance to a wide array of sources. It’s outstanding sound quality will deliver sheer musical enjoyment for all music lovers.

    The Arcam engineering team gain a great deal of new insight while developing the class leading FMJ D33. Areas such as isolation of digital and analogue stages, ultra-low noise power supplies and direct coupled signal paths make a big difference to outright performance. The irDAC uses the outstanding Burr Brown 1796 DAC and 8 separately regulated power supplies to ensure class leading performance that are unmatched in the irDACs price category. Jitter reduction is an obsession within the Arcam engineering team. The circuits developed for the D33 anddeployed in the irDAC produce a signal that is almost entirely jitter free.

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    Giải mã Arcam rBlink (Bluetooth DAC)


    The rBlink uses a high-end PCM 5102 DAC to convert music to a line level output ready for connection to a whole host of audio systems. Installation is easy with a simple pairing system for new devices. Music is delivered by Arcam electronics so you can be sure of world-class sound quality too!

    The rBlink comes housed in a stylish yet rugged cast aluminium case and is small and discreet enough to sit proudly next to your HiFi system just getting on with the job of delivering great music.

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    Giải mã Arcam rPAC (USB DAC & Headamp)


    rPAC là một DAC hỗ trợ USB và ampli tai nghe được thiết kế để cải thiện hiệu suất của máy tính PC và MAC. Đơn giản dễ kết nối, dễ dàng vận chuyển và rất thú vị khi sử dụng rPAC là các cải tiến âm thanh cho máy tính của bạn

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    Giải mã Arcam SonLink (Wired DAC)


    Thousands of Sonos owners are already enjoying the astounding sound quality delivered in combination with an Arcam rDAC. The new SonLink combines the ease of use of this platform with Arcam’s legendary sound quality in a discrete, add on unit. The result is a simple and easy to use, upgraded music source that offers a massive boost in performance at a price that offers excellent value for money.

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