• 56,500 



    Cấu hình CAAA

    Phù hợp phòng nghe 30-40 m²

    – Loa Gauder Akustik Cassiano MK2 – nhập khẩu Đức

    – Pre Accutics Arts Tube PREAMP II – nhập khẩu Đức

    – Power Accutics Arts MONO II (2 cục) – nhập khẩu Đức

    – Đầu CD Accutics Arts Player I MK4 – nhập khẩu Đức

  • 16,500 

    Loa Gauder Akustik Cassiano – MK2


    A loudspeaker is not a musical instrument. Resonances due to vibrating enclosure walls are a desired property of all musical instrument leading to the special sound and tone of it. In contradiction loudspeaker enclosures must not vibrate as this leads to dramatic coloration of the sound. Such resonances distort and interfere every musical signal leading to an undesired intrinsic sound.

    As the first loudspeaker in the world the Cassiano introduces a new, revolutionary damping material called “Twaron”®. Twaron®was selected from us after various listening tests. It suppresses all air-resonaces inside the midrange enclosure without damping the transparency of the midrange driver. Please concentrate especially on the reproduction of the air around instruments and voices when listening. Twaron® makes the difference!

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