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The VIVACE DAC/Preamplifier is a high performance DA converter that combines the highest digital audio technologies with an innovative zero feedback analog output stage. It is also provided with a volume controlled preamplifier unbalanced output to directly drive a power amplifier. Several inputs are furnished to interface many different audio systems and the digital chain is highly settable by the user. Because of its characteristics the VIVACE D/A Converter-Preamplifier is the perfect joining link between your digital audio sources and your analog world.

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Main Features Audio Analogue VIVACE:

  • Zero feedback output stage.
  • Adaptive and Asynchronous USB interface working up to 24bits/192KHz audio signal.
  • Unbalanced analog Preamplified output.
  • 3 x Coaxial audio digital inputs working up to 24Bits/192KHz.
  • 4 x Optical audio digital inputs working up to 24Bits/192KHz.
  • 1 x  AES/EBU input working up to 24Bits/192KHz.
  • Balanced and Unbalanced line outputs.
  • Phones output.
  • Optical and Coaxial digital output.
  • Completely settable DAC output sample frequency including the following selection criteria: Auto Mode, Custom Mode, Direct Mode.
  • Low noise custom quartz oscillators.
  • Settable Brightness mode (High, Low, Dark mode).
  • 12VDC Trigger Out.
  • SPDIF Coaxial Digital output.
  • ASC110 Multiproduct Remote.

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