Loa Gauder Akustik Berlina RC3


This speaker has the makings of a reference. It brings together and rolls into one all the virtues of compact speakers; and in fact does so in such a way that you’d have to put it in the super seller family of loudspeakers. Perhaps this is already the case. And we have not mentioned two important facts—the Berlina is a closed chamber loudspeaker and it is brand new. Most designers oddly enough regard the bass reflex design approach as an unavoidable truth. This isn’t the case, according to master designer Dr. Roland Gauder, and in fact he offers a long list of why you should avoid using a bass port. Basically, a bass reflex port in a small 6 liter enclosure can extend the speaker’s bass response by an extra octave.

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But the ducted port not only affects the low frequencies, but also the midrange. In the worst but widespread case, the speaker is often positioned near a wall and on a shelf, which opens the door and provides fertile ground for coloration. But without the port tube the common belief is that you would lose bass presence. ‘Not necessarily’, suggests Dr. Gauder. He thinks and designs differently. Gauder utilizes a high-pass second order filter before the bass driver. What you’re listening to in this case to a fourth order loudspeaker. And with the Berlina RC 3, the extra octave of bass is really pulled from the amplifier, which has to work a little harder to provide an additional three decibels in the bass region. Not a problem for most modern amplifiers, but a huge gain for compact closed chamber loudspeakers.

Thông số kỹ thuật Berlina RC3:

  • 2-way bookshelf speaker, closed-box system of 4th order
  • Accuton ceramic drivers, tweeter as diamond possible (optional)
  • Rib constrution (RC) system
  • Ultrahigh slope (> 50 dB/Octave) frequency crossover, symmetrized
  • Mundorf high quality crossover components
  • WBT-Nextgen binding posts

Available in genuine piano high-gloss black or white small ribs in any RAL-colour

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Berlina RC3    
Piano high-gloss black or white, ceramic tweeter Cặp 10.500
Piano high-gloss black or white, diamond tweeter Cặp 19.500
Surcharge Bi-Wiring Cặp 398

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