Loa Vienna Principal Grand

2,500 $ 1,875 $
43,875,000 VNĐ

All at once, the possibilities of music, space and naturalness find its way into our last but not least member of our Concert Grand Series – Principal Grand

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Why Principal? Strength, power and beauty: principal refers technically to the most pure of sounds from an organ; that which is not an imitation of other instruments. Following with this traditional definition, the Principal Grand subwoofer should never be confused with a woofer but rather is built as an example of the truest form of Sub-Woofer.


Thông số kĩ thuật

Bass System  Bass-Reflex Design – Bottom vented (requires 25mm/1” to 50mm/2” from vent to floor)
Frequency response 20Hz – 100 Hz
Driver Design Proprietary Pulp-Paper Carbon filled cone manufactured by ScanSpeak, designed by Vienna Acoustics
Amplifier 300 Watts SMD Technology
Inputs (2) High-Level (~1,000O)
(2) Line-Level via Phono (RCA) – Plugs
Controls Power on/Standby (standby <1watt)
0° – 180° Phase switch
Variable crossover control
Variable gain control
Weight per Pair 26kg / 58lbs
Dimensions (W x H x D) 385mm/15.25” x 495mm/19.5” x 385mm/15.25”  (including spikes)
Cherry, Premium Rosewood, Piano Black and Piano White


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